At B2B Collections, we offer a range of solutions that can be utilised at any point to help your business progress.

These solutions include:

Order to Cash Consultancy

We work with your team to develop a more streamlined and proactive invoicing service from your company to your clients. Our team will ensure an efficient and effective order to cash process across your whole business.

Mediation & Dispute Resolution Services

We act as the ‘middle man’ between two disputing parties, working to gain a resolution that works for all involved. Our mediation and dispute resolution services help you achieve the results you desire without the time and hassle of dealing with the problem in-house.

Credit Information

With access to extensive commercial data, we utilise this information to make informed decisions about what you do, and don’t do, moving forward. This credit information enables you to have an insight into consumer and business behaviour to shape exactly how your business acts.

Master Data Cleansing/Enhancement

If you are faced with masses of data, our team help you work through this, highlighting the most important information and cleansing away what isn’t relevant. We keep your database clean, duplicate free and even enhanced to highlight potential additions and extended to incorporate more fields of interest.

Sales Leads

We have fantastic connections with businesses across the globe, so can point you in the direction of the right companies and people of interest to help your business grow. We’ll also help develop your prospecting and lead generation processes to future-proof your operations.

Collection Team Mentoring

If you want to train individuals in-house on the best practice and most effective methods of debt collection, we offer collections training which can help you reduce the number of outstanding debts you are faced with on a regular basis.

OTC Best Practice Accreditation

Work with our team to gain your Order-to-Cash (OTC) Best Practice Accreditation, which can be a very impressive certification to hold when attempting to sell your business to prospective new clients. We’ll assist you through the whole process, ensuring you meet the required standards at every stage.


Our tracing service utilises the very latest search and analytical tools to complement our debt collection solutions. With a commitment to achieving the results you desire, we allocate significant resources to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Visit our Contact page to discuss any of these solutions in more detail and to discover just how we can help your business.